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The Hover-board!

September 30, 2011

In these blog posts I will be explaining what I have accomplished every week in my physics class at La Junta High School. I am starting a little late suggesting I have been in school since August 29th (sorry about that), but never the less I am finally starting.

Each of my physics blogs will basically be a journal entry where I go over what I have learned and accomplished in class. So lets start talking about what I did last week.

Last week my teammate, Steven Sandoval, and I started construction of our hover-board. Our hover-board is basically made up of two, two feet circles and a board that stretches across to attach the circles together. The board gets its lift from two shop vacuums. At the start of the week we laid down all our plans and made a supply list. Then later in the week we started putting all the pieces together. By the end of the week, we had built one hover-disc and had brought in all the supplies necessary to complete the board.

The supplies for this project were as following:

  1. Two 2 ft. plywood discs
  2. Two shop vacuums
  3. One 3 ft. x 1.25 ft. plywood board
  4. Two 3 ft. discs cut out of shower curtains
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Power Strip






As of this week, we finally were able to assemble the board and test it out. However, our board failed. The two hover-discs on each side of the standing board were unable to support the weight of an average human being. So currently we are trying to figure out how to fix this problem. Our first proposal is to build a third hover-disc and place it between the two current boards to both support the standing board and to give it more lift. However we are still unsure on how exactly we are going to get third vacuum on our board to give the third disc lift. Hopefully soon we are able to solve this issue and get this board working properly.

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