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The Hover-board… again

October 10, 2011

This past week in physics I once again worked on the hover-board, but with a few side projects here and there. The good news is that we finally got the board working by moving the two hover-discs closer together, but the bad news is that we accomplished our main goal of getting it to work so we are basically finished with it. So, now we are moving on to another area of physics. We are now going to move into working with projectile motion. Another group of classmates in physics are working on a potato gun, or as they call it, a potato accelerator. Steven and I are going to try our best to anaylze the motion of the potatoe as it is launched out of the potato accelerator. To start of we are going to be using small scale machines that launch different weighted metal balls, to try and figure out the relationship among the weight of the projectile, the angle at which it is launched, and the distance it travels. We plan to work on this for the majority of the upcoming week. Let the fun begin!

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