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Destruction of cowboys and indians!

October 16, 2011

This week in physics I was really all over the place. For the most part I focused on producing a video in which I used a projectile mechanism to launch a ball of play-doh at some plastic cowboys and indians. I then proceeded to use the Vernier Video Physics app on the iPad to analyze the motion. I think next week Steven and I are going to use the data from that analysis and actually plug it into an equation just to prove the equation is correct. Besides the projectile I helped another group with their analysis of forces acting on the hovercraft when in motion. For that I basically sat in the middle of their hovercraft with a vacuum on my lap and force detectors in each of my hands and let them pull me up and down one of the hallways in our school. Next week I am also planning on starting to work on the acceleration due to gravity to further our analysis of the projectile.

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