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Heart Dissection Lab

March 5, 2012

I. Title:  Comparative Heart Dissection Lab

II. Purpose: To dissect and compare the anatomy of a sheep, pig, and cow heart.

III. Hypothesis: Among all three species the heart serves the same purpose so therefore its anatomy should be the same. However, since each species is a different size the size of the heart and its parts should vary in size and correspond to the species size.

IV. Materials: 

  • Sheep Heart
  • Pig Heart
  • Cow Heart
  • Three Scalpels
  • Three Forceps
  • Three Scissors
  • Three Probes
  •  Three Dissection Trays
V. Procedure: 
  1. Place each of the hearts on a separate Dissection Tray, along with the tools necessary for the dissection.
  2. Make a frontal plane slice completely down the heart.
  3. Measure and record the diameter of the right and left atriums, right and left ventricles, aorta, pulmonary trunk, and outer walls on each side of the heart.
  4. Wash tray, tools, and throw away the hearts.
VI. Data:
Cow Heart Pictures

VII. Conclusion:

After performing the dissection my conclusion proved correct. Each heart has the same function so therefore the basic anatomy of each heart was the same. Also, as you can see in the graphs the size of the heart corresponded to the size of the animal. The sheep’s heart was the smallest because it is the smallest animal among the three species. The pig was in the middle of the size range and so was its heart. Finally, the cow’s heart was the biggest and once again the data showed that the cow had the biggest heart. To back up this conclusion, I can comfortably say that the reasons for the size difference is the simple fact that each animal needs to pump a certain amount of blood to its body. Bigger animals such as cows would need a bigger heart to pump blood to its bigger body, while smaller animals like the sheep wouldn’t need to pump blood as far so therefore it could have a smaller heart.


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